1. Make an album of different events of your life along with your child. Events may be before
    and after the child’s birth and discuss these events and the emotions involved. Also ask how the
    child felt during that event if the child is involved in the event, like birthday, picnic,
    marriage, etc.
  2. Practice meditation and stress relaxation strategies with them.
  3. Put on some music and dance with your child.
  4. Play, “You can’t make me laugh”. The child tries various things to make you laugh and you resist. Then you make the child laugh and the child resists.
  5. Enact a story. Do a drama of a story.
  6. Involve the child in cooking a snack. Ask the child to select the snack, then involve him/ her in buying the ingredients and the cooking process.
  7. Play “ Simon Says” game.
  8. Invite children to use clothes pin to pick up items.
  9. Do finger painting.
  10. Invite the child to tear up news paper into various shapes and make some artwork or collage.