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Parent Testimonials

My child is in this school when he was not even 2 years old. Initial days are a little tough to adjust with such a young age and without parents. But teachers and maushis made this thing easy for us. The growth as parent we have observed is amazing and marvellous. As a parent I have mostly concentrated on what teachers asked us to do. All the other things are taken care of by the school and teachers. All the teachers are very good and they really deserve a great applause for all their hardwork. School curriculum is really nice and that allows the children to grow in a very free environment.

I’d say this relation with school and teachers have stamped excellent impression on my kid’s mind and he will remember these days forever. Thanks and great regards to all the faculty including Reshma ma’am for doing such a marvellous job.

-With Regards,
Mr Raghunandan Sahu, Aarush Sahu’s father, Sr.KG. Student

As a student of Physics I hated it how I wish I had such Science Exhibition at my school to make me love Physics. It was such a delightful experience to see the kids explain with so much of enthusiasm.

Kudos to the teachers. Hats off to all the kids.

-With Regards,
Mrs. Srividya S.R., Advaith Rao’s mother, Playgroup Student

There are no words for Tiger Cubs. It’s too good. Tanay spent 4 years in Tiger Cubs. He enjoyed every moment here. So we are happy.


-With Regards,
Dr. Sonali Bhokre , Tanay’s mother, Sr.KG. Student