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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by parents. Please reach out to us in case of any further queries/questions. We would be glad to assist you.

Of the 4 hours almost an hour goes in eating and other activities like nature calls etc. Besides that the child needs at least an hour to play outdoor.
Left behind are 2 hours which are essential for quality educational inputs (of course, in a stress free style).
The various measures for safety include:
a. Security gates and barriers at appropriate places
b. Watchman constantly manning the gate
c. Constant supervision of maids and teachers during the free play time.
Teachers and maids are trained to coax and feed the children.Besides children tend to eat better with their friends and peers.
Also after being engaged in so much activity they are hungry and many a times eat stuff they may dislike at home.
The ratio for Playgroup is 10:1:1
The ratio for Nursery, Junior and Senior K.G. is 20:1:1
It depends from child to child. We gradually increase the time starting with 1.5 hours and subsequently increasing it by half an hour till it matches the school time.
At this young age over all development of a child is the need of the hour. In the school we have a lot of stage performances which increase the confidence level of the children.
Also there are certain activities where the child participates along with their parent and this boosts their personal bonding tremendously. The no. of hours that a child spends with us allows us to comfortably do these activities with them. On the contrary the activities foster better learning.
At school the medium of instruction is english, hindi and marathi. Also research shows that the brain development is tremendous at this age and the child picks up and learns new languages quickly.
It breaks the monotony of routine, exposure makes them learn new languages and improves their language skills and pronunciation.
When a child sits with the teacher it fosters better bonding with the teacher and also allows freedom of movement for the child.
We take down your nos for emergency .When a child falls ill we call up on this no and inform you about it.
On your instruction the medicine is administered. We also have a first aide box for any fall cuts and bruises. On no account do we take independent decision without the information of the parent.
Unstructured play time is very important for developing the creative aspect of a child which in turn develops the right brain and its better usuage. It also is a way to vent out their excess energy out in the play ground and thus improves their concentration in class.
To enhance easy movement skills in children. Distraction reduces especially when there are too many accessories to an outfit. We have a specific colour of the month on every wednesdays which makes an abstract learning of colours more concrete and easy for the child to understand.