For a child to lose fear in any activity s/he needs to do it repeatedly to make it a habit. The school believes in giving maximum opportunity for a child to come on stage to perform and feel so comfortable on stage that it becomes a habit and an effortless attempt to be there.

Every month an activity is identified and then the students are trained on it for a month. At the end of which the student's are performing the same in front of an audience. Activites include: Poster Event, Fancy Dress, Singing Event, Ramayan, Christmas Play, Science Exhibition, Sports Day, Story Telling Event, Annual Day, Quiz and Picnic.

Parent's Orientation at the beginning of every academic year is an important activity. We generally get trained for all kinds of work that we undertake but hardly have any training to be good parents.

Hence, this orientation talks about some new research and findings for rearing our children and and also how a consolidated effort of the teachers and parents can work wonders on the child's development.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology used in the school is on the basis of the teachings of the stalwarts of early childhood education-Mr Glen Dorman, Mr. Gordan Dryden, and Mr. Horward Gardener. Rudolph Steiner and many more. Constant book reading sessions are a part of the faculty training which works at the subconcious level and transfers the beliefs to the young minds.

School Life (How the day goes for the students)

The day of the children starts with free play in the morning for an hour. Since each child abounds with energy, s/he is allowed to play to her/his heart's content. This helps in better concentration when they go to the class fully satisfied. The children then go through different class room activities to name a few, singing rhymes, learning through flash cards, blocks, music, dance and actions, etc. For an hour and a half. In the small break the children eat their snacks which is a menu reccommended by the school to ensure a wholesome diet. This is followed by another round of indoor activity where crafts, writing skills etc for an hour.

To make the most of the 1st six years of a child's life where the development in a child is totally encouraged by nature as the brain cells are growing at a phenomenal rate.


Day Care: On the basis of the school's guiding principle of catching them young the day care at Tiger cubs Prei-School ensures that the child's learning according to his biological clock. During the child's waking hours s/he is exposed to different styles of learning like music, flash cards, toys, pictures and videos.
Below are some of the key facilities within the school premises:

  • A huge Play-Area with play equipments.
  • An In house Amphi Theatre for all our little performing artists.
  • Creatively and colourfully decorated classrooms to enhance the learning atmosphere.
  • A time slot for Music throughout the week for fun learning.
  • A plethora of educational toys and games to challenge a childs newly developed abilities and for better and effective learning.
  • A center for co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities where a child can enrol in familiar surrounding with trained personnel to hone their talents and develop their I Maths, Chess, Dance, Yoga, Jolly Phonics , etc.