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About Us

We are dedicated to the excellence in the areas of child education and development, Tiger Cubs Prei School has become a prominent name, with more than 12 years of operations, which delivers excellence in child education. WE TRUELY believe in the development of kids in the initial 6 golden years.


The management envisages a stress free early childhood education. School for the child who starts education at Tiger Cubs Prei-School shall always remain a fun activity. Being in school is a much looked forward activity that a child enjoys thoroughly.

To make the most of the 1st six years of a child's life where the development in a child is totally encouraged by nature as the brain cells are growing at a phenomenal rate.


The school management will meet its vision by constantly working on the realisation of each child's potential.

To bring its vision into implementation the management has a constant endeavour to incorporate latest and innovative styles of learning for a child.